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Welcome to Uplift Mutuals

Uplift Mutuals is the pioneer of community owned mutual aid in India with an ecosystem and risk mitigation approach.

Emerged out of the needs to access quality health care, at reasonable costs, the Health Mutual model of Uplift associates thousands of low income families who come together to share their health risks and access preventive and curative health services at rationalized rates.

Uplift's All Be Well Health Hubs seek to organize quality primary care at affordable rates for all.

Health                                                               Mutual Aid


At Uplift we believe that health is of vital importance to low income families. While financial aid provides  much needed relief from financial burden due to health shocks, access to quality care, correct information on quality, cost and affordability of care especially at times of emergency  is indispensable. 

Uplift multi-layered health care ecosystem approach that includes primary care services, medical helpline , network of empanelled health care providers, preventive and promotive practices seek to provide access and information to quality care at affordable rates.


Imagine you, me and several others who know each other (a group or affiliation) come together and decide that we will help the other when a risk arises , say a health event. This is the most basic form of risk sharing and how mutual aid  must have started in the first place.

Add to this a system of managing the contribution and some rules agreed by all of us in order to help the one in need and you have a more developed stage of a Mutual. 

This is how Uplift has developed its model of Health Mutual over the last decade bringing systems and processes to a community owned and managed programme.

Decision about contribution and benefits are mutually taken and its the ownership and trust that members have that is the lifeline of this model.