Mrs. Vatsala Bartakhe,
Santa Cruz, Mumbai
“Uplift community clinics a boon for the elderly…” “I am 80 years old and have been suffering from hypertension since the last 5-6 years. Over the years I have consulted many doctors for the same. I was taking the medicines as prescribed by my doctor. A few days back I got enrolled in Uplift Biradaree and attended the community clinic for check-up. After the check-up, Uplift’s Dr Swati Shinde explained to me that even though I was taking blood pressure(BP) medicines, my BP was on a higher side. She asked me to go back to my regular doctor and inform him about it. She also explained me why it is necessary to change the medicines to keep the BP under control. I visited my earlier doctor and informed him about my condition and what the Uplift doctor had suggested. The doctor checked me and was surprised to find that my BP was actually very high. He immediately prescribed me another combination that would suit me. After taking the changed course of medicines for 15 days, I visited again Uplift’s community clinic. My blood pressure was normal. All this support was provided to me cashless. Now I am a regular visitor to the community clinic and the health camps.” She elaborates, “The Uplift clinic has been a boon for the elderly as it is accessible, affordable and helps us keep a regular tab on our health.”

Mrs. Mahadevi Dhanaji Paul,
Thane, Mumbai
Mahadevi Dhanaji Paul experiences Inclusiveness of Uplift Biradaree Mahadevi Dhanaji Paul, has been living with her husband and three school going children in the Azadnagar, Thane for the last 18 years. Her husband an autorickshaw driver is the sole earner in the family with an income of INR 10,000 (USD 153) per month. She joined Uplift in June 2017. Mahadevi had attended the health camp organized by Uplift along with her children. Her son was diagnosed with a gum problem and Dr Swati Shinde, the medical officer at Uplift advised her to see a dentist. Mahadevi narrates her experience, “I took my son to the dentist and he was diagnosed with a dental cyst and advised surgery. I went back to Dr Swati to ask her advice. She looked at the reports and seconded the dentist’s diagnosis. We incurred an expense of INR 4,000 for the surgery, I filed for a claim and was reimbursed INR 3,400. This was a first for us, within a month of becoming an Uplift member not only did I receive valuable advice but also got back the money spent in hospitalization. I have complete faith in the Uplift system.” However, while Mahadevi takes care of her family, her own health is neglected. Although in her 30s, she suffers from diabetes and hypertension. She has had to discontinue her treatment due to lack of money. She explains, “My medicines cost INR 40 per day and given our economic condition, I need to concentrate on my children first. I can live without the medication”. In the coming months, the Uplift staff will work with her to ensure that she begins her medication What is important to note here is that Mahadevi’s claim for the dental cyst was technically rejected as the diagnosis of the disease was before her policy start date though the surgery was done after the policy start date. The pre-existing clause was applicable for her application. She had paid her premium on the 10th of June but the policy was to start from July 1, 2017. Her son was diagnosed around 20th of June. However, the member claims committee took a decision to pay her the claim. Shakila Bhanu Sheikh, one of the member benefit council member talks about this case, “It was only by 10 days that the case fell in the pre-existing diseases category. Since the case was diagnosed in our health camp and by our own doctor, we knew it was a genuine case and decided to pay her the claim. Why should we punish our member who had followed all rules and responsibilities?”